LED Swimming pool lighting

High quality LED swimming pool lighting is important

LED Swimming pool lighting is crucial not only for safety but to enhance the look of your pool, giving a sense of comfort for potential and current customers. At Armadillo Lighting, we use the latest lighting design software to ensure you will achieve the correct and required lighting levels to meet British standards.

Our Amethyst LED swimming pool lighting is built specifically for these environments, we put our products through various chlorine tests to ensure a fit and forget solution.

UK’s Number one for Swimming Pool LED Lighting

When it comes to swimming pools, LED Lighting can make all the difference. High quality light levels will not only make your swimming pool area safer, but it will appear much more welcoming to customers.


High quality light providing safety assurance for customers


Chlorine tested for pool areas

The Amethyst LED series is built to withstand tough environments, it is put through chlorine, salt mist and temperature tests to ensure a fit and forget installation. The Amethyst has been successfully installed in a vast amount of swimming pools across the UK.