Ellipse LED™ Street Lighting

Retrofit Solution for
70W HPS Bulbs

Product Details

Product Family: Ellipse LED™ Street Lighting

Product Type: LED Street Lighting

Warranty: 5 Years

Main Features

  • Direct replacement for HPS bulbs
  • IP62 Rated
  • Multiple colour temperature options
  • Suitable for E26/27 and E39/40
  • >150lm/w
  • Replace up to 70W HPS

Direct Replacement

Easily retrofit existing street lights with the Ellipse LED bulb, saving time and money when it comes to upgrading to this unique energy saving LED solution.


Replace up to 70W

Superior efficiency provides improved quality of illumination, allowing the replacement of up to 70W HPS bulbs with just 20W of power.

Easy Retrofit

The Ellipse LED is the same size as a traditional HID bulb, allowing for easy retrofitting in any housing type.


A separate screw adapter makes it easy to switch between E26/E27 and E39/E40 bulb types.

Quick & Easy Installation, Huge Energy Savings.