Barracuda 340™ LED T8 Tube

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Product Details

Product Family: Barracuda 340™ LED T8 Tube

Product Type: Fluorescent Tube Replacement

Warranty: 5 Years

Main Features

  • Fire TP Rated and UL94 V-0
  • IP65 Rated LED Tube for industrial use
  • Optional emergency packs
  • Direct replacement
  • Product lifetime >100,000 hours
  • Over 340° symmetrical wide light distribution
  • LED Efficacy up to 160lm/W

High Output
Low Profile LED T8 Tube

Over 340° Symmetrical
Wide Light Distribution

London Underground
Section 12 Approved

UK Accredited Lab
Performance Tested

Traditional appearance, increased light levels, 340° light distribution.

Product Features

T8 and T12 Fluorescent tubes replacement

Direct size swap out for T8 and T12 Fluorescent Tubes. Simple wiring from one end only makes for and easy installation, and guarantees safety.

340º light distribution - traditional apperance

Barracuda 340™ LED T8 Tube is built with two cross sections. The light weight polycarbonate tube acts as a diffuser to restrict access to direct visible parts and individual LED light sources. The narrow 10mm aluminium MPCB with 2835LEDS, allows for internal reflection whilst creating a wide beam angle of over 340°, all inside the GLC™ Soda-Lime Glass cover.

GLC™ - Glass Lens Coat - Fire Rated

Barracuda 340™ LED T8 Glass Tube – GLC™ technology utilises Soda-Lime Glass to coat the LED tube. Performance for fire rating will allow the Barracuda to reach 400°C. Polycarbonate End-caps are made of UL-V0 Listed Bayer Materialboerse which is also a fire-rated material.

IP65 rated for industrial use

Barracuda 340™ LED T8 Glass Tube is rated to IP65 International Protection (known as Ingress Protection). Unique design, internal potting and UL listed for wet location. The materials used for the sealing enables the product to be IP65 and able to be fitted into open frame fittings and luminaires.


Datasheet available on request

Warranty Statement Available on Request

Product Description

Glass Rigid T8 and 340º light distribution make the ArmadilloLED Barracuda 340™ LED T8 tube stand out from the competitors and genuinely replicates distribution of traditional T8 fluorescent tubes. Opaque poly-carbonate lens, GLC™ Glass Lens Coat and the internal layout design create an ultra wide light distribution. Glare-Free light design with a low UGR light distribution makes the Barracuda 340™ series unique in the market.


T8(G13) 6ft (1800mm) Barracuda340™ LED Tube T8 GLC™ Glass 31W replace 70W Fluorescent T8/T12 Tube
T8(G13) 5ft (1500mm) Barracuda340™ LED Tube T8 GLC™ Glass 22W replace 58W Fluorescent T8/T12 Tube
T8(G13) 4ft (1200mm) Barracuda340™ LED Tube T8 GLC™ Glass 18W replace 36W Fluorescent T8/T12 Tube
T8(G13) 3ft (900mm) Barracuda340™ LED Tube T8 GLC™ Glass 13W replace 27W Fluorescent T8/T12 Tube
T8(G13) 2ft (600mm) Barracuda340™ LED Tube T8 GLC™ Glass 9W replace 18W Fluorescent T8/T12 Tube

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