QuadraLED™ Magnalock

Product Details

Product Family: QuadraLED™ Series

Product Type: Grid Ceiling Light Replacement

Warranty: 5 Years

Main Features

  • Toughened security glass
  • Easy maintenance, screwless magnetic cover
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Recessed or surface mounted
  • IP65 Rated
  • Multiple modules
  • Optional dimming, 1-10v, DALI and various other control options

Powerful Magnetic Seal

The QuadraLED™ Magnalock is equipped with a glass security cover which is tightly sealed by multiple high power permanent neodymium magnets to ensure IP65 protection and easy maintenance.


Multiple Modules

Multiple modules for easy replacement and upgrades. High CRI >90 to reveal the true colours of surroundings. Excellent 105lm/w with full control options of DALI, 1-10v as specified or required.

Easy Maintenance

Toughened security glass tightly sealed to IP65, safety cables inside for easy maintenance and inspection. An easy to use tool is also supplied to safely remove the glass cover.

Sealed to IP65

Magnalock™ Technology – Multiple high power permanent neodymium
magnets lock the glass cover in place and ensure a tight seal for IP65 ingress protection against water and dust.

Toughened security glass tightly sealed to IP65 by multiple high power magnets

Product Features

Uniform illuminating surface

The QuadraLED™’s toughened frosted security glass creates a uniform illuminating surface with no visible LED spots.

Recessed or surface mounted

The QuadraLED is available both recess and surface mounted in 600mm x 600mm as standard or 1200mm x 300mm.

Magnalock™ Technology

High power permanent locking magnets, complete with safety cables for easy maintenance.

IP65 Protection

IP65 rated with the tightly sealed glass housing cover, ensuring a lasting optical performance and preventing dust accumulation, reducing maintenance time and costs.

Multiple Modules

Multiple modules for easy replacement and upgrades. High CRI >90 to reveal the true colours of surroundings. Excellent 105lm/w with full control options of DALI, 1-10v as specified or required.

5 Year warranty

The QuadraLED™ Magnalock comes with a 5 year warranty as standard.


Warranty Statement Available on Request

Application Areas

  • Lab and Research Centre
  • Hospitals, Clinics, NHS Healthcare
  • Clean Rooms
  • Areas Vulnerable to Ingress
  • Ticket Halls

Case Studies