Sport & Stadium LED Lighting

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Product Details

Product Family: Sport & Stadium LED Lighting

Product Type: Stadium Lighting

Warranty: 7 Years

Main Features

  • Replace 2000W Metal Halide with just 800W
  • Latest chipset delivering 160lm/w
  • Anti-glare design
  • 60,000+ Hours Lifetime
  • 10kV SPD Surge Protection
  • PVD Technology Reflector
  • Flexible wattage options
  • IP65 Rated
  • CRI>80

10 x Longer lifetime, Half the power

Cut down on your maintenance costs thanks to the long lifetime of our LED sport & stadium lighting. No more replacing bulbs with high costs of equipment and down time of your sport area.

Low Glare, Low Heat

Unique optics and highly efficient reflectors provide very low glare at UGR>19. Multiple aluminum heat sinks ensure the luminaire stays at a low temperature even with extensive usage.

Advanced Chipset

Replace up to 2000W metal halide luminaires with the advanced Nichia LED chipset, delivering up to 160lm/w.

Wattage Options

Wattages ranging from 100W to 800W to cover all applications and arena sizes. We offer full support with lighting calculations for your project to ensure lighting levels meet all requirements.

Designed by Armadillo Lighting to ensure great uniformity and superb lighting levels.

Product Features

Long Lifetime

Up to 10 times longer lifetime than traditional metal halide bulbs. Armadillo Lighting sport & stadium lighting is a fit and forget solution, cut out the maintenance costs.

Replace up to 1500W Metal Halides

Various wattage options available, ranging from 100W to 800W

Low Glare

The latest PVD reflector technology ensures low glare, for better performance on the pitch and less distractions.

IP65 Rated

High IP65 rating, complete with IP67 Rated internal driver.

7 Year Warranty

7 Year Warranty as standard.

Support with Design

We are happy to support you with any lighting calculations and designs to ensure you meet all lighting requirements for your sport area. Please contact us for any queries on 01371 876969 or email



Warranty Statement Available on Request

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Woolpit Tennis Club

“Woolpit Tennis Club are an active village club with around 150 members, playing social and league tennis year-round in Suffolk. Having struggled along for many years with ineffective floodlights on their 4 asphalt courts the committee decided to upgrade to LED lighting. The metal halide lamps that had provided lighting for over 20 years were costly to maintain and obtaining lamps was proving more and more difficult.


Ray Gough, the Chairman of Woolpit Tennis Club who is also tasked with maintenance contacted Armadillo Lighting who surveyed the courts and provided a report including computer modelling which showed that with correct installation the Club could still use the existing towers and by simply replacing the existing 16 x 1,000 watt heads with Armadillo 400 watt LED luminaires the light levels would be improved dramatically and be more even across each court, with very little overspill (important for local residents)


Ray chose Armadillo to both supply and install the LED Luminaires and the work was carried out over 2 very cold, snowy days in late January. The difference in light level is quite remarkable, but the real difference is the even spread of light across each court (members can no longer use the excuse of not being able to see the ball as an excuse for a poor shot). It is also a huge bonus that the lights come on instantly, no 10 minute warm up or cool down periods like the old set up.


There is an obvious cost saving in power consumption, though that is not the most important issue for Ray and the Woolpit committee. The real benefits come from better, more even lighting with an extended warranty, Armadillo being so confident of their product. The LED’s have been met with unqualified approval from members and from visiting teams who have also commented on how good the lights are and will be seeking to upgrade themselves soon as metal halide lamps may soon be scaled back or even ended by the EU and other world bodies in the name of efficiency.”


Ray Gough
Chairman of Woolpit Tennis Club

Bush Hill Park Bowls & Tennis Club

“Since the new LED has been installed the tennis have complemented on how the quality of lighting has been. They feel it has enhanced their playing experience, as they feel the colours of everything look much more real than before, this is important in such a fast action game. They also like how they can turn them on/off/on with out the need to wait for the light to cool down like the old ones.


Visitors from other clubs often comment on the quality of light. Another benefit we have found is that the neighbours surrounding our club, do not complain about light pollution anymore. I think this is due to the more directional lighting.


With the money we are saving weekly, we are hoping to get the remaining of our court lighting changed”


Shaun Littleton
 Vice-chairman of Bush Hill Park Bowls & Tennis Club

Kirby Tennis Club

“Armadillo are a complete pleasure to work with. Efficient and responsive without being pushy. First-class Sales and Technical support throughout. We swapped our ageing Metal Halide for LED floodlighting saving 60% on power consumption for higher performance.”


David Pain
Vice-chairman of Kirby Tennis Club