Product Details

Product Family: Sport & Stadium LED Lighting

Product Type: Stadium Lighting

Warranty: 7 Years

Main Features

  • Replace 2000W Metal Halide with just 800W
  • Latest chipset delivering 160lm/w
  • IP66
  • Built-in or External Power Supply
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-glare Shield
  • Aluminium Housing
  • 100.000 hours lifetime

SP-PL05 Anti-Glare Shield

Help minimise light pollution and reduce glare in your area by adding specially designed antli-glare shields.

Anti Glare Shields, Low Heat

Unique optics and highly efficient reflectors provide low glare. Multiple aluminum heat sinks ensure the luminaire stays at a low temperature even with extensive usage.

Advanced Chipset

Replace metal halide luminaires with the advanced Lumileds LED chipset, delivering up to 160lm/w.

Wattage Options

Wattages ranging from 600W to 1500W to cover all applications and arena sizes. We offer full support with lighting calculations for your project to ensure lighting levels meet all requirements.

Designed by Armadillo Lighting to ensure great uniformity and superb lighting levels.

Product Features

Long Lifetime

Up to 10 times longer lifetime than traditional metal halide bulbs. Armadillo Lighting sport & stadium lighting is a fit and forget solution, cut out the maintenance costs.

Replace Metal Halides

Various wattage options available, ranging from 600W to 1500W

IP66 Rated

High IP66 rating

7 Year Warranty

7 Year Warranty as standard.

Support with Design

We are happy to support you with any lighting calculations and designs to ensure you meet all lighting requirements for your sport area. Please contact us for any queries on 01371 876969 or email sportlighting@armark.com



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