Armark Solar Hybrid LED Street Lighting

Product Details

Product Family: Armark Solar Hybrid LED

Product Type: Solar Hybrid LED Street Lighting

Warranty: 3 Years

Main Features

  • Three Intelligent Modes
  • IP66 all Alloy Structure
  • Time Control
  • 1 Second Switch From Battery to Mains
  • Battery and All Control in Lantern Head
  • Light Sensor Control
  • Dusk to Dawn Auto Sensing
  • Motion Sensor Control
  • >160lm/W


Wireless remote control, adjusts lighting time, light output and sensitivity for automatic detection from one unit to optimise battery lifetime and outputs.


Optically controlled microwave induction and infrared sensor, provides automatic adjustment of intelligent power on, providing additional power savings for extended cloudy days.


True constant current rather than current-limiting control, ensures smooth and stable output current, effectively reducing LED light attenuation to extend LED service life.

AC/DC Hybrid Solar Power System

The Luminaire features a DC detection function for when, or if, the charge level from the battery is insufficient to power the required luminaire output, in the event no DC battery output is available the system will automatically switch to AC mains.


Once the Battery has significantly recovered the system will automatically switch back to the Battery DC supply and switch off AC mains input.

Stand Alone Control System

Intelligent controller for all adjustments and variations works through microwave sensor.



Pre Set
Light Levels


Presence Control Provides Increase of Light Level to Your Requirements


Three Intelligent Modes


Motion activated lighting when motion is detected for security light and to save battery.


20% lighting for saving power when no motion, until motion activated.


Automatically turns off in daylight and goes into recharge mode.


Warranty Statement Available on Request


Q: Is there any light degradation/drop off as battery begins to lose charge, or are light outputs maintained until failure?

A: No degradation, light output is maintained until failure.

Q: If battery level is low from constant rainy days, will lamp continue to run at a dimmed percentage, if there’s not enough power in the battery to switch to full output?

A: Light output is maintained even if the battery level is low and will switch to mains automatically once the battery is fully discharged.

Q: What’s the switching time between battery and mains?

A: 1 second.­­

Q: Can batteries be pre charged before fitting, or if stored for a while, before fitting / how is this achieved?

A: There is no battery charging interface on the luminaire, Armadillo will pre-charge all units prior to install.

Q: If the solar battery as an example is at 33% of maximum charge, will the luminaire still deliver maximum output without degradation?

A: Yes, the lamp will continue at maximum set output.

Q; Does it require a Separate Solar Panel or Battery Pack?

A: All is integral to the luminaire itself, no external requirements.

Q: Does the Lamp have a dusk till dawn sensor?

A: Yes, as standard.

Q: Does the product have a motion sensor?

A: Yes, as standard.

Q: Can motion sensor be adjusted?

A: Yes, to suit time of activation required.

Q: Is it possible to set the minimum light level?

A: Yes it is, from 10% to 40%, as a standby output.

Q: Are the dimming levels adjustable?

A: Yes, we can pre-set to your requirements at factory, or additional option to adjust on site by remote hand held programmers to each unit.

Q: Does it keep the lamp on AC until sun sufficiently charges DC Battery?

A: The AC mains input doesn’t charge during daytime, it’ll be the solar panel only that charges during daytime.  DC battery works at night, but when the battery is close to power-off protection, the controller will detect and only then will switch to AC mains.

Q: At what point does the AC release to allow DC override?

A: The AC charge will release while the voltage around 12V during night time hours.

Q: When on AC input, does it fully charge the DC battery before swapping back to DC?

A: AC will work automatically while battery is close to power-off protection, and it’ll keep charging until the battery is full (voltage around 12V), but AC stops charge at daytime, no matter the battery is full or not to maximise efficiencies.

Q: Does AC charge the DC battery at all?

A: Yes, when AC is supplying, it also charges battery while supplying power to the lighting module, so there’s always constant illumination being provided from the luminaire during night time working hours.

Q: Does the Luminaire still dim if running on AC mains power?

A: Yes and will be to the same pre-set requirements.