Bush Hill Park Tennis Club

Date: February 2019

Location: London

Products: Sport & Stadium Flood Light

Project Details

Number of Courts: 3

Number of Columns: 8

Column Height: 10 meters

Products Used: 12 x SPFL 600W

Light Levels Achieved: 500 Lux

Uniformity: 0.7



“Since the new LED has been installed the tennis have complemented on how the quality of lighting has been. They feel it has enhanced their playing experience, as they feel the colours of everything look much more real than before, this is important in such a fast action game. They also like how they can turn them on/off/on with out the need to wait for the light to cool down like the old ones.


Visitors from other clubs often comment on the quality of light. Another benefit we have found is that the neighbours surrounding our club, do not complain about light pollution anymore. I think this is due to the more directional lighting.


With the money we are saving weekly, we are hoping to get the remaining of our court lighting changed”


Shaun Littleton
 Vice-chairman of Bush Hill Park Bowls & Tennis Club