A few words…

A few words makes us all appreciate how worthwhile what we’re doing is to so many amazing people…

Just a quick email to say ‘thank you’ for the box of masks and gloves.
I am part of a team who work for NHS Carecall 247.
We respond to OAP’S and vulnerable people throughout Essex
going into their home addresses to assist in emergencies. 
I will be able to share the masks with my colleagues as well (…).”

Sam Brown

“Just to say fantastic, you are a star, shining bright for us!
Thank you soooooooo much!”

Sarah Goldsmith

“I wanted to say a very big thank you to you for supplying me with 50 masks yesterday.
I shed some tears driving home. This is incredible what you are all doing (…).”

Kelly Beament

I met you last Thursday week over the fence when you were lighting up the windmill for the first time.
It was such a great lift for the village and a sign of support for our wonderful NHS. 
I have just read the front page of the Dunmow Broadcast and wanted to thank you,
your family and company for sourcing and donating much needed PPE.
Both my sisters are nursing (and I nursed for 13 years before becoming a teacher),
so I know how vital those supplies are, both for protecting staff and patients (…).”

Julie and Paul Hobday

“Received thank you so much!!!
You guys are wonderful! (…).”

Jessica Mann

“Thank you for the gloves, anymore if possible.
Yes, still need visas, aprons, masks a lot!
We are so grateful for any of these items, when you can get some.
I know it is very difficult, For everyone.
We are all working very hard, and we will come through this, and be better people for it.
We will value our families and friends differently and never take anything for granted.
As you never know what is around the corner, I know… Thank you again”

Sarah Goldsmith

The Dunmow based company behind the lighting up of the church and windmill in Finchingfield in honour of the NHS, 
Armadillo Lighting, has used it’s international contacts to source tens of thousands
of pieces of PPE and is supplying these free to health and care workers.
What a fantastic gesture.”

“I am getting in touch on behalf of all staff at The Treehouse to say thank you for the PPE
items you kindly donated to us yesterday, we really appreciate you thinking of us.
A the moment we are providing relief to the NHS by allowing patients early discharge from hospital

wards to either the family home or one of our three hospices so that the child can
be cared for by our staff and therefore freeing up beds in hospitals for COVID-19 patients.
Our current position is to work in collaboration with local partners to relieve the pressures of the NHS
and support our communities that face increased demand and challenges as a direct result of COVID-19,
therefore we are in very much in need of the items you have donated.
Once again, thank you for your support.”
Victoria Matthews

“It’s been no secret that over the past few weeks, we haven’t always had access to the right amount of PPE.
As a result, we have had to be really careful on the amount we are giving out to staff
and have tried to limit our supplies so our nursing team are fully protected. However…
As always, our team of incredible supporters across the community
have heard our plea and have made sure we aren’t going without!
So, we really want to thank you all.”
St Elizabeth’s Centre

We have just received a donation of PPE to our Eltham Hospice from a wonderful member of your team.
We just wanted to say a huge thank you. Your details have been passed to our Management Team
so that they can acknowledge your huge act of kindness.
Thank you once again, Take Care.

Claire Meyer

“I work within the fundraising team at Arthur Rank Hospice and my clinical colleagues at the hospice
have passed on the fantastic news that Armadillo Lighting have donated a large amount of PPE to us.
Thank you so much to you and your colleagues for your amazing generosity.

This PPE will make a huge difference in protecting our wonderful clinical team
when they are caring for our patients. We really can’t thank you enough.”
Emma Bray

“Just an email to say a huge thank you for your donation.
It is so uplifting for staff to see these acts of kindness and will help us to continue to work safely.
Thank you,”

Tilly Baron

“Thank you so much to Armadillo Lighting
for the donation of PPE for our key workers.”

The Norfolk Hospice

“Dear Armadillo Lighting
We received a box of PPE at our Winchmore Hill Health and Wellbeing Centre for the North London Hospice on Friday

and we would like to say a massive thank you to your company for your very thoughtful kindness in donating this PPE.
We are most grateful and the equipment will certainly go to good use.
Kindest regards and very best wishes to you all.”

Karen Cole

“Thank you for your extremely kind donation of PPE for the staff at Creswick House. 
 As much as the PPE is very welcome and needed the kind act itself
has touched myself and my team immensely
and to think that people are thinking of us.
Keep safe and well.”

Karen Cooper

“A huge thank you to Armadillo Lighting for dropping off a box of masks and gloves last week.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), is in short supply nationally.
This kind gift will help our staff and patients stay safe during this unprecedented time.”

St John & St Elizabeth Hospital

“Thank you so so much for your very kind donation.
I’m overwhelmed by your generosity. This will make my job that little bit easier.
You thank us for doing a great job but I want to thank YOU for doing an even better job.
Thank you once again.”

Tracy Bareham

“A massive thank you to everyone at Armadillo Lighting, who kindly donated a large supply of face masks
for our key workers, along with a lovely thank you note.”

St Elizabeth Hospice

Thank you!
You kindly donated Masks, Goggles and Gloves to our Dermatology Department

at Broomfield Hospital to which they are very grateful for.
Your employees have been so helpful and accommodating making sure we have everything we need.
What a wonderful company and team you have.
What you guys are doing is amazing, providing PPE (when in such short supply) to so many of us.
Well done and thank you again!!

Jessica Mann

“Thank you so very much for your generous donation
which was received this afternoon. We very much appreciate your generosity.”
Christine Adams

Thank you so much for the PPE you supplied us at Christchurch Care.
Rae Cullin

“We would like to send you our sincere thanks for supplying us with the eye protectors
for use by our carers and support workers in the community. 
Without your kind donations we would struggle to provide this essential PPE to our staff. 
Therefore, on behalf of all of our care and support staff, the Senior Management Team
would like to thank you for taking the time to manufacture and distribute these to us.
Thank you so much.  It is very much appreciated. 
Please keep up the good work and, most of all, please keep safe.”
Jackie Suckling

Thank you, Armadillo Lighting who provided our crew with PPE Goggles.
The goggles will be used alongside additional PPE to help keep

our crew safe whilst they continue to attend missions across Essex & Hertfordshire.
Essex & Herts Air Ambulance

“To our wonderful supporters at Armadillo Lighting,
Thank you so much for your kind donation of goggles and gloves to Little Havens,

in such an uncertain time for everyone, it really means a lot
that you would think of us and help us out, we really do appreciate it.
Without caring and thoughtful people such as yourselves,

we would not be able to continue doing the important work
we do and cannot thank you enough.”
Victoria Hodge

“Thank you so much for your incredible kindness, I must admit I am in a mess after our chat.
This is a truly awful time for us all but there are some moments of kindness such as this
that leave me speechless.”

Michael George  

“I just want to say a very sincere THANK YOU for the PPE that you delivered earlier his week.
It almost goes without saying that the PPE itself was desperately needed and proved invaluable
– but the generosity of spirit in what you are doing to support our care staff
( and supported people ) has given everyone here a huge boost.
Thank you once again”

Janette Millar

“Wow thank you so much, we are blown away with the support we are receiving.”
Victoria Hodge

On behalf of our doctors, nurses, staff and patients,
thank you so much for the very kind donation of PPE equipment. 
It is so important to the Hospice that we receive the support of the community,
especially in these unprecedented times. Once again Thank you!!
Michelle Gower

“Thank you very much for your email and your donations. 
Such kind generosity brings many smiles to all.“

Aman Sehgal

“You guys are fab thanks for your help!”
Jessica Mann

“We want to share with you just a little taste of how your extraordinary generosity and goodwill has helped our staff,
volunteers, patients and their families cope over the past few weeks.
We cannot say “Thank You” long or loud enough.”
St Christopher’s

I have just taken delivery of your kind donation of facemasks and gloves. On behalf of East Rudham
Parish council can I say how grateful we are for this extremely generous donation.
We have already distributed over 40 packs of PPE to those deemed as vulnerable in our community

and this donation will allow us to top these up as well as provide additional packs.
We will also be providing some to our local primary school which reopens later this week.
Once again please accept our thanks and appreciation
Malcolm Pearson

“I just wanted to say thank you again for your kind donations. The masks are being used already by the team”
Laurie Phillipson

Essex & Herts Air Ambulance
The Norfolk Hospice – Taping House
Arms Care

A special thank you to you and everyone at Armadillo Lighting for your generous donation
of PPE Equipment for our doctors and nurses.
Your donation is very much appreciated and will go a long way to supporting 
the amazing work carried out by our doctors and nurses every day. 
We are incredibly grateful to you for choosing to support us. 
Hospice care is special thanks to donations like yours.
It means that our nurses can spend time with patients,
getting to know them and understanding their needs; both medical and personal.
They provide compassion and care every step of the way
and can give whole families the support they need at a very difficult time in their lives.  
On behalf of everyone at the Hospice thank you once again for this donation we truly appreciate it.

Deborah Abodunrin

Cera Care

“I work for Cera Care in Kings Lynn and we just wanted to say a massive thank you to Armadillo Lighting
who very kindly donated us boxes of face masks for our carers who work out in the community, W
e are very grateful and really appreciate all your support, Thank you!
Sharni Unthank‎ 

“Thank you to Armadillo Lighting for the donation of a large delivery of PPE – including gloves, overalls and face masks.
This equipment is still playing a vital role in keeping our key workers safe while they do their jobs.

St Elizabeth Hospice

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