Armadillo – Here For The Future

Armadillo Lighting has been rated as “Strong”.

The British Chamber of Commerce has warned that 6 out of 10 Lighting companies will run out of cash within next 3 months.

However, a new report from Plimsoll has named Armadillo Lighting among 400 Strong Lighting companies
with the strongest balance sheets that are in the best position to survive COVID-19 crisis.

The cash crisis edition of the Limsoll Analysis has assessed the financial and cash fundamentals

of the UK’s top 969 Lighting companies to give you early warning
of which companies have the financial stability to carry on and who will fail first.

Unfortunately, 101 companies were in a weakened cash position before the crisis.
The current lockdown and economic paralysis have cought them out and many are likely run out of money(…)”

Source: Plimsoll Analysis Report

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